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While analyzing a horoscope, the 3 basic things which one astrologer would check for a quick view are:
1) Lagna chart and the Navmansha chart (Mostly astrologers would not check the Navmansh Chart, But Its important as it shows the real strength of the planets)

2) The Dasha – Antardasha Cycle : usually the Vimshottarti Dasha cycle is followd in North Indian Astrology. Though Parashar has laid down rules as to see which dasha cycle, but Vimshottari is the most commonly used one.

3) Gochar or transit effects

What is Gochara?
Now what does Gochar mean: Go + Char means moving in the sky. In this we analyse the effects of current planetary positions with respect to the natal moon of the person. That is, the current placement of the planet with respect to the rasi( moon sign) of the jataka.
Some astrologers also check the placement of the planets w.r.t the Lagna , but the moon sign principle is recommended mostly.

Gochara Duartion of Planets:
Approximately the planets transit through one rashi as following:

Surya   : 1 month
chandra : 2.25 days
Mangal : 3 months
Bhudh: 1 month
Guru: 12 months
Shukr: 1 month
Shani: 2.5 years
Rahu and Ketu: 18 months

Planets of Importance:
I would dare not compare any of the planets and tell one of them to be more influencing than the other. Astrologers usually consider Chandra and Budh as very soft planets, but they can also play a havoc if badly placed. Chandra is responsible for chronic depression, suicides, mental illness etc. None of the planets is less powerful. It all depends on the position, strength and relative placement of the planets in the Natal Charts.

Still, traditionally for ease of analysis, only the gochar of Shani, Guru and Rahu-Ketu are taken into consideration while predicting.
This is because as you can see above. these planets take considerably longer time to transit through a Rashi.

But Still I would quote here, that Chandra which transits one rashi in 2.25 days is also very important. It lays the foundation of Muhurat jyotish. The gochar of Chandra is the base of Chandra bal, which is used when some one asks me/or any other astrologer to tell a auspicious day for starting a new venture, giving and interview/examination etc…

Also, out of Guru, Shani and Rahu-Ketu.. the gochar of Shani and Guru is mostly checked while predicting.
This is because, Rahu and Ketu usualy cancel of their effects , also their effects are not so easy to analyse and predict accurately. After all they are the most mysterious of all, Chaya Grahas(Rahu-Ketu)

The Gochar of Shani and Guru:
When Shani is bad in gochar, it is called the period of Shani Sadesati and Shani Dhaiya( Also called panoti). Even pancham shani is very bad, that is when Shani is placed in the 5th house with respect to the moon sign. Sadesati is the most used term is astrology and considered the most horrible of all 🙂
Usually, the gochar of shani is given more importance, it is said that if Guru is good as per gochar but Shani is not, then the good effects of Guru gochar will not be evident to the person clearly.
The following table would give you any idea of the Gochar importance of Shani and guru:

Ghochar of Shani
Gochar of Guru
Overall Gochar Effect
Negative with a tint of Positive
Negative with a tint of Positive

But, this is a also very geneal  statement to make. For certain Rashis, like vrishabh and tula, the postive effects of Guru and the negative effects of Shani gochar are not of much imortance, because Guru is a malefic planet for these rashis and Shani is a benefic planet for them. Similarly , for simha rashi , the positive effects of shani gochar are not of much use.

If the planet is a yogkarka in the natal chart, it will not give bad effects , even if it is inauspiocus as per the gochar rules.

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