Migration Paths-Desktop/Web Application Development to Mobile Application Development

With the wide popularity of smart phones and mobile applications, enterprise developers in many companies are looking to contribute to the mobile revolution. This revolution is influencing many companies to shift towards a “Mobile First, Desktop Second” strategy for their business. However, the shift from desktop to mobile requires developers to refocus-not completely away from desktop application development, but certainly with an inclination towards mobile.

Enterprise desktop/web developers within an organization who are interested in becoming mobile developers need to understand that developing for mobile is not just a technology change; it requires acquiring a different mindset and new design skills. There are certain hurdles for enterprise developers to overcome and several important factors to consider when building applications on mobile platforms. Some of these factors are fragmentation, screen size, resolution, user experience, memory space, battery life and capabilities inherent to smart phones and other mobile devices. Continue reading

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Issue: Attach to Process: w3wp.exe does not exist!!!

The w3wp.exe will not appear until the first request has entered the pipeline. So if you browse to your site and then open your task manager, you will see the w3wp.exe.

Just create a sample service under DefaultAppPool and browse the service. Now try to attach in VS.

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Salary Increase Letters

Original Post: http://www.salaryexplorer.com/ask-for-raise-letter.php

Salary Increase Letter: End of Probation Period

Dear [Manager Name],

It has been a pleasure working for your esteemed company for the last [probation period, six month for example]. As you are aware, my probation period is over. During this time, I had enough time to evaluate my position at [the company name]and reached the conclusion that I have the potential and enthusiasm to deliver excellent results in the capacity of my job. I am delighted to know that you have decided to elevate my status from probative to permanent and I guarantee that you will not regret your decision.  Continue reading

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5 Tips for Getting a Higher Starting Salary

Original Post: http://www.frugalhabits.net/2012/10/5-tips-to-getting-a-higher-salary-at-your-next-new-job/
Tip #1 – Don’t give out your current salary if at all possible

The first thing most companies will do is try to figure out what you are getting paid today. Their intent, obviously, is to do everything possible to minimize what they have to pay you. When they know your previous salary and decide to offer you the job, they are going to base their offers to you off of that salary in order to minimize their expense, even if the proper rate for that position is 10k-15k higher. Continue reading

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