How Can A Software Developer In India Get A Job In Foreign Countries

1. Be Proficient: Make sure you are on top of your game with respect to your skill. It doesn’t matter whether you are a technical engineer or a functional expert, all you need to do is work hard and be proficient in your area of expertise. This is the first step towards getting a job in a foreign country.
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Make time for ourselves.


How do we break this busy life schedule and make time for ourselves, the tactics I followed is,

Observer – Only Observe for a week what you do for yourself in whole week and your other responsibilities, be honest with yourself.

Find the Holes – find the holes where you are loosing time, prioritize works, make unnecessary things go off the list, make a list of to do’s with estimated completion time.

Fill in the Gaps with new Chores- This is your time to shine, in the gained time you can do your desired tasks, but if you do mistake with estimation don’t worry, you will get better by more practicing and bounding yourself with schedules.

Share with me if you find any gap in my systemSmile

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Six Questions to Ask Yourself Daily

Make these powerful questions part of your daily ritual.

1. Did I work toward my goals today?

Successful leaders understand the importance of goal-setting in everything from long-term vision to short-term motivation. Focusing on your goals helps you to organize your actions and make the most of your ambition and aspirations.

2. What motivated me today?

Motivation is the force that keeps pushing you forward. It is your internal drive to achieve, produce, and develop–and it’s always to your benefit to pay attention to the things that feed your personal motivation. Continue reading

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Why You Should Be More Independent.

We naturally become more independent as we progress through life. We move away from our parents, and any bonds that once sustained us from our childhood are slowly diminished as we move into “The Real World“. Some people however form a set of new bonds as they move away from home and they never actually grow to be truly independent. There are many reasons why we should be more independent. Independence here refers to all aspects of your life including financial, career, emotional, personal faith and beliefs. Continue reading

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