Hadoop or Big Data for Microsoft .NET programmers

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1). What are the things .NET programer to focus to work with Big Data. If Hadoop is not a good choice?

Hadoop is a hot up coming big data technology.It is better to includes a number of tech skills like NoSQL databases, analytics and others along.Great thing about this technology is It is affordable because it uses ordinary, low-cost hardware and i believe Big data is not really a new technology, but a term used for a handful of technologies. While some of these technologies have been around for a decade or more, a lot of pieces are coming together to make big data the hot thing for future.

It can also play great role in handling massive amounts of information in all sorts of formats —  tweets, posts, e-mails, documents, audio, video, whatever you can say it is format independent which Top companies are looking for. Don’t think much go ahead because very less people have exp yet… get .NET SDK from codeplex and look into it.  Continue reading

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