How Can A Software Developer In India Get A Job In Foreign Countries

1. Be Proficient: Make sure you are on top of your game with respect to your skill. It doesn’t matter whether you are a technical engineer or a functional expert, all you need to do is work hard and be proficient in your area of expertise. This is the first step towards getting a job in a foreign country.

2. Work for a Indian IT Services Company: One of the best option to get to work outside India is to work for a IT Services Company. These companies have multiple customers/ clients all across the globe and they do need proficient software engineers to work at these client/ customer locations in foreign countries.

Once you have got a job in one of the Indian IT Service Company, you will need to work your way up the ladder and do the right things so that you are selected for the Onsite opportunity.
Few tips:

  • Be prepared to work hard – If you dream to go onsite, you need to work hard. There is no short cut. Be ready to spend extra hours at work.
  • Become an SME, that is, gain the status of a subject matter expert in your team. This will come only when you have the ability to learn and improve continuously.
  • Communication skills – Make sure you polish your communication skills. This includes not only the spoken english skills but also the listening skills.
  • Visibility – Make sure that you perform well at offshore so that the client/ customer has complete visibility of your work and has confidence in you.
  • Make sure you have relevant documents, passport and visa ready. Different companies have different policies to process various types of visas. You need to have an open mind and be ready to capture the earliest opportunity.
  • Look for opportunities: Keep your eyes and ears open. Apply common sense and select the right project where you are aware of potential opportunities. Be very open in calling out to your manager that going onsite is your top priority.
3. Use your networking skills:  If you are looking to get a job directly with a company outside India and do not want to go through the IT Services company then you will have to hunt it yourself. Floating your CV to consultants is the old proven method but there are multiple ways to hunt jobs in the modern internet age. Using your own network of people is the best way to go about it.
(a) Identify all your contacts, friends, colleagues, consultants, customers etc.
(b) Float your CV/ profile and mention that you are in the market and would appreciate their help.
(c) Use the social media to your benefit, tools like :
– Facebook
– Whatsapp groups
– Twitter
– Quora,
– Blogs
– Linked in
– Job search websites for specific countries

4. Understand the work permit and visa regulations of various countries. Do not trust the consultants or new companies blindly. Never pay money to get a job. Be organized in your approach for hunting the the right job. Never underestimate any medium of communication. Use all of them to their complete potential.

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