Whatsapp founder,Brian Acton, rejected at both Facebook and Twitter.

Whatsapp founder,Brian Acton, interviewed with both Facebook and Twitter.  Unfortunately for Facebook, they rejected him.  He still maintained a positive attitude.   Twitter also turned him down.

Instead of interviewing with large corporations, he used this as an opportunity to try his entrepreneurial luck.  Much sweat and tears later, whatsApp became one of the most popular SMSing platform.
Facebook wanted to integrate its messenger with Whatsapp’s simplicity. They wanted to acquire it. Uh Whatsapp was valuated at 19  Billion.

Facebook acquired WhatsApp for  $19 Billion.  The founder only got $3.8 Billion in a combination of stock and cash!

Imagine if he had received a job offer at Facebook.  Insetad of being a multi-billionaire with the world open to him, he would have been a coder atFacebook. He would be an ordinary man making somewhere between 100k-200k a year.

Glimpse into the mind of a billionaire, he treated failures as new opportunities.  Insightfully, he stayed positive.  He recognized the positive despite non-offers.  He realized he made intersting contacts who could help him in the future.  I think this perspective and positive insight makes a difference in how people handle failure.

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