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Make time for ourselves.


How do we break this busy life schedule and make time for ourselves, the tactics I followed is,

Observer – Only Observe for a week what you do for yourself in whole week and your other responsibilities, be honest with yourself.

Find the Holes – find the holes where you are loosing time, prioritize works, make unnecessary things go off the list, make a list of to do’s with estimated completion time.

Fill in the Gaps with new Chores- This is your time to shine, in the gained time you can do your desired tasks, but if you do mistake with estimation don’t worry, you will get better by more practicing and bounding yourself with schedules.

Share with me if you find any gap in my systemSmile

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Apache Spark Vs Hadoop

Introduction to Apache Spark

It is a framework for performing general data analytics on distributed computing cluster like Hadoop.It provides in memory computations for increase speed and data process over mapreduce.It runs on top of existing hadoop cluster and access hadoop data store (HDFS), can also process structured data in Hive and Streaming data from HDFS,Flume,Kafka,Twitter
Spark Architecture

Is Apache Spark going to replace Hadoop?

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Migration Paths-Desktop/Web Application Development to Mobile Application Development

With the wide popularity of smart phones and mobile applications, enterprise developers in many companies are looking to contribute to the mobile revolution. This revolution is influencing many companies to shift towards a “Mobile First, Desktop Second” strategy for their business. However, the shift from desktop to mobile requires developers to refocus-not completely away from desktop application development, but certainly with an inclination towards mobile.

Enterprise desktop/web developers within an organization who are interested in becoming mobile developers need to understand that developing for mobile is not just a technology change; it requires acquiring a different mindset and new design skills. There are certain hurdles for enterprise developers to overcome and several important factors to consider when building applications on mobile platforms. Some of these factors are fragmentation, screen size, resolution, user experience, memory space, battery life and capabilities inherent to smart phones and other mobile devices. Continue reading

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