MVC app vs. Single Page App

We build a single page app instead of a standard MVC app to avoid re-rendering pages and performance issues. Also SPAs can provide a rich, desktop-like environment.  But what to choose ..?

SPA needs heavy jQuery Ajax to build frontend and mixed frontend tools like Angular JS, duplicate js models, Knockout JS to do the binding and etc… SPA looks pretty, fancy and responsive. but, it’s hard to unit test since its complicated and mixed technologies all over the place. I would suggest to use Regular MVC structure while build medium to large app, utilize area to grouping the feature of your app. you can implement good security measurement, apply strong validations to your app. your app will close to HTML easy for maintenance, light jQuery that enhances the UI is already good when you want to focus on the functions and features instead of fancy UI.

Decision should be based on the application scope. If it is large , I prefer normal MVC application for better maintenance.

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