Asked in Interview

What does an assembly contain?
Types of assembly?
How to register an assembly in GAC?
How C# code is converted to IL?
Why do we need two memories (Stack & Heap) ?
Why string is a reference type?
Static scenario
Why do we need static variables?
Limit a property’s value to 10.
Overriding scenario
Limit a property’s value to 10.
Why do we need properties
A simple string program
A simple for statement example.
How to get the number of class instances created.
Design a class that implements Encapsulation, Inheritance and Polymorphism. (Partial)
Difference between private, public and protected fields.
Restrict setting a property in another assembly.
Is it mandatory to override a virtual method?
Overriding scenario
Program to find the substring count.
Value Types and Reference Types
Memory Management
Struct VS Class
Instance of class creation.
Anonymous Types
Web Services
Constant and Readonly
How C# code is converted to machine level language.
What is the significance of CLR?
What is a Shared/Public assembly?
Can we create instance of an abstract class?
Why string is reference type?
Why do we need delegates?
Will ViewState be available in the page?
What is Application pool?
What are the kind of browsers you followed?
What is assembly?
What is default access specified by a class?
What is the use of creating private class?
What are access specifiers?
Can we have a private constructor?
Y u will use private constructor?
Where will u use private constructor?
If u have private constructor, can u acces the object?
Property and files?
If you want to do read only properties, how do u do?
Can you have a property without SET?
Where static member variables is used?
Different reference types?
What is reference types?
Significance of using properties
Overriding scenario
Why to save strings on heap
Substring program
Memory management Partially
Anonymous Types
Events and delegates
Stored Procedure

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