Some Common issues in WCF

1. Readonly Shorthand Property Declaration

Whenever you are using Readonly Shorthand Property Declaration with ‘DataMember‘ attribute, make sure you keep both getter and setter part. Readonly property declaration (without setter, as we normally do) will not work. Data member will not be accessible to the client. Continue reading

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Hadoop on Windows: HDInsight – Getting Started


Hadoop has been all the rage the last year or so and anyone who does not know that Microsoft is very serious about Hadoop has clearly not been paying attention.  HDInsight is what Microsoft is calling their suite of 100% Apache Hadoop compatible software.  They refer to it as part of their “end-to-end roadmap for Big Data” and they’re not kidding, it’s integral. 

A few things may jump out from this as odd or funny.  One would be ‘what is Microsoft doing in the open source world?’.  If this is a surprise to you then you really have been living under a rock.  Microsoft is working very closely with Hortonworks and contributing heavily on Hadoop.  They are also contributing heavily to the Linux kernel since 2009. 

Like them or not you have to give Microsoft credit for making working with technology easier.  Their work with Hadoop has been much the…

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