MVC HTML.Form vs Ajax.Form

  • Postback – HTML.BeginForm renders a Form tag which makes a complete postback to the server on submit. In the other hand Ajax.BeginForm renders a form tag which will make an asynchronous request to server.
  • Rendering -Html.BeginForm leads to complete page refresh whereas Ajax.BeginForm leads to only part of the page update.
  • How page updates –

  • Ajax.BeginForm relies on JavaScript to get part of the page update. Client (who develop the page) will write some JavaScript code which will get executed on completing of asynchronous request. That JavaScript will be responsible for updating of partial content in page.
  • In case of Html.BeginForm entire page get replaced with returned response.





@using (Html.BeginForm(“MyActuinMethod”, “MyPostController”, FormMethod.Post))


<inputtype=”submit”name=”BtnButton”value=”Click To Sbumit”/>





@using (Ajax.BeginForm(“MyActionMethod”, “Home”, newAjaxOptions() {OnSuccess=”MySuccessFunction” }))


<inputtype=”submit”name=”BtnButton”value=”Click To Sbumit”/>



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