partial classes

Can you explain one practical scenario when we should use partial class?
Let’s say our company want to create thousands of different Mathematical functions. Now the issue is if only person start working on it, it will take more time to complete. But company needs it quickly. So the best solution is parallel development, More than one developer will make them indulged into same task. Well now what? Does everyone go and create their own class? If yes it will end up with new issue, Especially Code Management issue.
So the next solution is Partial class which will let us spilt our class definition across multiple locations.
At the end everything will merge up together and considered as one.

Is this the only advantage of Partial class?
No sometimes just to keep things simpler and cleaner sometimes we would like to put some part of the file in another file but still want to consider both parts as one. Our major requirement keep it simple.
When partial method comes handy?
Let’s say, as discussed earlier 2 developers are working on same class with the help of partial class.
Now developer 1 want to use one logic which is going to be created by Developer 2 in his partial class.
Now the issue is right now Developer 1 can’t access the functionality created by Developer 2 (because Developer 2 didn’t committed his changes yet). So what developer 1 will do is he will create partial method in his partial class with return type as void and Developer 2 will define that method in his partial class.
//Developer 1

publicpartialclass Maths


partialvoid Logic1();

publicvoid Logic2() { Logic1();}


//Developer 2

publicpartialclass Maths


partialvoid Logic1(){}

publicvoid Logic4 () { /*….*/ }





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