C# and some general Interview questions

1.Can you explain architecture of your current project?
2.What role did you play in your project and company?
3.What’s your salary expectation?
4.Why do you want to leave your previous organization?
5.How much do you rate yourself between 1 to 10?
6.Can you speak about yourself?
7.How can we improve performance of .NET?
8.What is the difference between .NET 1.X, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0?
9.What is IL code,JIT,CLR,CTS,CLS and CAS?
10.What is a garbage collector?
11.What is GAC?
12.What are stack,heap,value,reference types,boxing and unboxing?
13.How are exceptions handled in .NET?
14.What are different types of collections in .NET?
15.What are generics ?
16.Explain Abstraction,encapsulation,inheritance and polymorphism?
17.How is abstract class different from an interface?
18.What are the different types of polymorphism?
19.How does delegate differ from an event?
20.What are different access modifiers?
21.Can you explain connection,command,datareader and dataset  in ADO.NET?
22.How does “Dataset” differ from a “Data Reader”?
23.How is ASP.NET page life cycle executed?
24.What are Httphandlers and HttpModules and difference between them?
25.What are different kind of validator controls in ASP.NET ?
26.How is ‘Server Transfer’ different from ‘response. Redirect’?
27.Can you explain windows,forms and passport authentication?
28.What is difference between Grid view, Data list,and repeater?
29.Which are the various modes of storing ASP.NET session?
30.How can we do caching in ASP.NET?
31.What is ViewState?
32.What are indexes and what is the difference between clustered and nonclustered?
33.How is stored procedure different from functions?
34.What’s the difference between web services and remoting?
35.What’s the difference between WCF and Web services?
36.What are end point, contract,address,and bindings?
37.What is WPF and silverlight?What is LINQ and Entity framework?
38.What’s the difference between LINQ to SQL and Entity framework?
39.What are design patterns?
40.Which design patterns are you familiar with?
41.Can you explain singleton pattern?
42.What is MVC,MVP and MVVM pattern?
43.What is UML and which are the important diagrams?
44.What are different phases in a software life cycle?
45.What is Ajax?
46.How did you do unit testing in your project?
47.What is Agile?
48.How did you do code reviews?
49.How did you convert requirements to technical document?
50.Would like you to add one.

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