Asynchronous Methods Calls in C#

In this article I explain asynchronous methods calls. Let us first discuss what asynchronous and synchronous calls are. Suppose  we have a function Print() that is taking one second to execute and this function is called by the main function (calling function).

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Diff LINQ and EF

  • The EF supports model features like many-to-many relationships and inheritance. LINQ to SQL does not directly support these.
  • In .NET 3.5, LINQ to SQL had much better support for SQL-Server-specific functionality than the EF. This is mostly not true in .NET 4; they’re fairly similar in that respect.
  • The EF lets you choose Model First, DB First, or Code First modeling. LINQ to SQL, out of the box, really only supports DB First.

Software Estimation by example

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“When will you or your team be able to complete this project or software or feature?” How often you listen above phrase from your bosses or project leads or managers? I do here them a lot and it’s always an annoying experience for me to give an estimate just by judgment or without any preparation. I always tried to find the answers in the books but estimation is difficult subject to understand. Estimation is science as well as an art. Continue reading

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