Partial method in C#

A partial class or struct may contain a partial method. Similar to a partial class, a partial method can be used as a definition in one part while other part can be the implementation. If there is no implementation of partial method, the method and its calls are removed at compile time. 

A partial method declaration consists of two parts: the definition, and the implementation.

The code listing below defines a partial method called InitializeCar in a different .cs file and implementation of the same method is in a different .cs file.

public partial class Car
// A partial method definiton
    partial void InitializeCar();

// Car Exterior Functionality
public void BuildTrim() { }
public void BuildWheels() { }

public partial class Car

/// Car Engine
public void BuildEngine() { }

// A partial method implementaion
partial void InitializeCar()
string str = “Car”;
// Put all car initialization here


By Sriramjithendra Posted in C#.NET

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