What is Nuget

The amount of frameworks and libraries from both Microsoft (MVC, EF etc) and Non-Microsoft open sources (NUNIT, Log4Net etc) are huge in numbers. These frameworks and libraries keep updating to newer versions and it’s very difficult to keep a track of the same.

As a visual studio developer if you need to reference these frameworks or libraries, you need to do the following:-

  • Search the library URL.


  • Install the library or probably unzip it at some place.


  • Reference the DLL in your visual studio project.


  • If library demands also make appropriate changes to the App.config or Web.Config file.


In case you want to revert back you need to follow the above process in a vice-versa fashion.

This is where “Nuget” makes our life easy. “Nuget” is a visual studio extension which helps us to search, locate the library, download them, reference them in our VS project and also make appropriate changes to App and Web config files.

lib 2

So once you click on “Manage Nuget Package” , you can go and search the framework and click on install.

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