Azure certification Exam:70-583 vs Exam:70-487

Microsoft offers two categories of exams; Those that are technical based (such as 70-487) and those that are Job-Role based (such as 70-583).

technical based exam focuses on “How” to do stuff with a technology whereas a job-rolebased exam focuses on “Why, when and where” to do stuff with technology.

e.g. A technical based exam might ask “How to implement (code) IDisposable interface in a class?” whereas a job-role based exam might ask “Why and when you should implement the IDisposable interface”.

Whether you should do exam 70-583 or 70-487 really depends on whether you want to be a developer or a designer. If  you’ve 3yrs experience as a developer, you should probably do 70-487 (and then maybe do 70-583 as I don’t believe you can be a developer without knowing how to design – IMOA).

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