Using C# Linq’s ToDictionary from DataTable

I  have a sql query that I return into a DataTable:


With this, I want to create a Dictionary<string, List<ColumnInfo>>, where the key is TABLE_NAME and ColumnInfo is a custom class with properties to match the other three fields returned in the query. Continue reading

Difference Between ASP.NET Web API and WCF


This article describes the differences between the Web API and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF). And also describes how to choose between WCF and Web API.

What is the ASP. NET  Web API

The ASP. NET Web API is a framework that uses the HTTP services and makes it easy to provide the response to the client request. The response depends on the request of the clients. The Web API builds the HTTP services, and handles the request using the HTTP protocols. The request may be GET, POST, DELETE, PUT. We can also say that the ASP. NET Web API:

  • Is an HTTP service.
  • Is designed for reaching the broad range of clients.
  • Uses the HTTP application. Continue reading

Create Proxy Class For WCF Service Using svcutil.exe & CommandPrompt

There are couple of different options available to create proxy class for a WCF service in .Net. First one is to use “Add Service Reference” option available in visual studio and the second option is to use svcutil.exe utility. Although “Add Service Reference” option also invoke this utility implicitly but you can also go to visual studio command prompt and use this utility to generate proxy code that you can use in your client application. Continue reading

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Azure certification Exam:70-583 vs Exam:70-487

Microsoft offers two categories of exams; Those that are technical based (such as 70-487) and those that are Job-Role based (such as 70-583).

technical based exam focuses on “How” to do stuff with a technology whereas a job-rolebased exam focuses on “Why, when and where” to do stuff with technology.

e.g. A technical based exam might ask “How to implement (code) IDisposable interface in a class?” whereas a job-role based exam might ask “Why and when you should implement the IDisposable interface”.

Whether you should do exam 70-583 or 70-487 really depends on whether you want to be a developer or a designer. If  you’ve 3yrs experience as a developer, you should probably do 70-487 (and then maybe do 70-583 as I don’t believe you can be a developer without knowing how to design – IMOA).